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Study materials for teachers, on how to talk about (gender) stereotypes to the students in different classes and in different age groups.

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About BREAK!


WHAT? Cross-media project.

AIM? Young people, who do not make their career choices restricted by gender stereotypes, but who make their choices based on their will and abilities.

WHO? Estonian Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner's Office together with Estonian Public Broadcasting, Tallinn University, SA Innove, Estonian Ministry of Education and Research, Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson of Lithuania and the Centre for Gendr Equality in Iceland. Project is mainly funded by European Commission.

WHEN? 30 months from 2017 to 2019.


Equal treatment

Estonian Equal Treatment Act ensures the protection of persons against discrimination on grounds of nationality, ethnic origin, religion or other beliefs, age, disability or sexual orientation.


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Why not?!

"Why Not?!" with its 10 episodes tells a story about 18 years old Anna, who is about to graduate high school and wants to be a famous rap star. However, she is a real nerd and not to mention – she studders. Everybody expects that she will go to university and study something serious. Even Anna herself senses that her dream is not achievable, until oone day everything changes. After his friend’s heart attack Anna’s father Martin decides to quit his lifelong job as a CEO and start chacing his dream – to become a fashion designer.


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