Trainings in Lithuania: challenging gender stereotypes

Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson in Lithuania organised trainings for teachers and career counsellors to enable them to challenge gender stereotypes in education and vocational guidance.

During the training participants gained insights on how gender roles are constructed and how gender stereotyping affect pupils’ achievement, well-being and self-realization opportunities. Teachers and career counsellors discussed how our prejudices, traditional occupational choices, gender segregation and inequality in the labour market interact. Participants also performed practical tasks that enhanced participants' ability to develop gender sensitive teaching content and enables them to use material and guidelines to work on gender issues in the classroom.

Trainings took place in Švenčionys on 3rd of May 2019, in Vilnius on 20th of May and in Kaunas on 30th of May.

The teachers were very interested in the trainings, as recognising and challenging gender stereotypes is a relevant issue, especially working with teenagers.