Radio show called "Allskyns" is airing in Iceland!

Part of the BREAK! project a radio show called "Allskyns", which is airing in Iceland. Hosted by Guðmundur Felixson and Hafdís Helga Helgadóttir, this 10-episode series in Icelandic takes a look at all kinds of jobs, what they are like and whether gender is important aspect of the job or not. 

In the first episode they explore the music industry and the status of the genders within it. Is there any more room for a male rapper in the market or is it up to the girls to take up more space? Why women have not written national festivals songs and why do people need to take off shoes while auditioning at the Iceland Symphony Orchestra?

In the second episode sports are discussed. It is a fact that men's sports are much more popular than women's sports, or is there a logical reason behind this difference in popularity? How can we change our attitude towards women's sports and what kind of responsibilities media and sponsors have? Perhaps it is only natural that some sports are more feminine and others not. However, new sports such as crossfit indicate that everyone can become a sporting star, regardless of gender.

The radioshows are available online from HERE